Monday, May 12, 2008

Missed it!

Killed me to miss the big wind yesterday. My plan was to hit Sandy Point, but the electricity was knocked out, and the park was closed. Closing the park is extraordinary. The only time I can remember that happpening was during Hurricane Issabele, so that gives you a sense of how powerful this storm was. I'm not aware of another spot on the Chesapeake (around Annapolis) that works on a NE, and seeing as to how the wind on the coast was 50+, I just opted to go into work. Its too bad really, Sandy Point absolutely rocks on NE and the port ramps are epic!

Here's a picture I took during tropical storm Enersto back in '06. If you look closely, you can see Dave Coyle on the outside.

Nice area to rig at the park:

Lewes, De. 5/12/08: sustained winds of 50mph for an 8 hour period! I can't remember ever seeing that happen. unprecedented?

My smallest sail is 3.7, so I don't have any misconceptions that it would have been anything but survival sailing out there. Still, I would have loved to have tried it!

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