Saturday, May 24, 2008

Strong Southerlies in forecast....

Today the wind was N-NW in the mid teens, with gusts to upper teens. Mostly putted around in the baby pool today. Good practice on the transitions, did more schlogging than planing, but was still awesome to be on the water with the sun out. Rigged my 5.8 and RRD. I was patheic with the heli-tacks today. Didn't come close on a single one.

Then Bob Ramsey let me take his Starboard HyperSonic out for a spin. Scaaaaaarryyy. You don't sail that board, it sails you. If the straps where any further out on the rail, you be in the water. Once that board hops on a plane, its like a freight train locked in to the rail tracks, and just hold on. Goes up wind like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Forecast is for strong SSW wind on monday afternoon. Unfortunately, its Memorial day so the beach traffic will no doubt be very heavy. We may stay thru monday night, and drive into work tuesday morning, from Deleware. - Wind Forecasts
Here is a short video from today:

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