Friday, June 20, 2008

Hucked two more forwards today!

Today I tossed two more forwards on starboard. The other day I threw em on port. Conditions today were moderately powered 5.8 on the 109 at ego beach. I crashed out hard on the first one as I wasn't powered up enough, and I barely cleared the fin (if at all) and got yanked out of the straps. Not pretty.

But the second one was sweet. Nice springy jump on the outside, just off wind, got some decent altitude and went around. Landed fairly well on my back. Amazing thing about that one was my vision, which is starting to expand during rotation, no longer have a narrow focus. I could begin to sense how high I was and where I was in relation to the wind. Lindsey was a witness to this one.

Looping really is one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. To harness the wind in your sail, and just blast over the water, launch off a ramp, and spin threw the wind. Beautiful stuff.

Ken drove his SUV on the beach today:

Dan and Lindsey had fun:

From left to right: Chad Perkins, Me, and Ken Kellar

I had fun too!

Ken caught the nicest wave ride of the day:

Around 4.30, a storm rolled threw and the winds went offshore:

So I carried my stuff back over the dunes and worked on transitions and blasted at the hole.

Nice mule kick:

Here is some video action:

We're extending our trip for one extra day, departing on Sunday. Loop off is scheduled tomorrow, pray for good conditions.

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Chad Perkins said...

Great video George.