Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dawn Patrol At Broadkill Beach

Just came off the water at Broadkill. Moderatly powered 5.6 conditions.
Here is the iwindsurf graph for Lewes. Looks like I timed it perfect.

I hit the water around 7.30am, rode the 91 ltr for the first sesh

Ended the sesh on the 109ltr. I came off the water around 10.30am.

Sweet 3 hour sesh in the booksQ!

I like this sign:

Video to follow so check back.


Ken K said...

Stuck in the Denver airport for a few hrs so I linked up.

I expected a loop attempt or 2 in the video when I saw u using the mouthpiece. You were at least contemplating them, right?

Video looks better than most, were you using the new boom mount? Whatever, it picked up your hand drag nicely.

George Markopoulos said...

yes, i was contemplating forwards. The wind just was quite steady enough. I hit a few really nice n floaty jumps, but didn't pull the trigger. Should of in insight.erghh!

the video was a compilation of the mast mount (using the wrist housing) and the helmet cam.
No, I didn't use the "clew-view" mount