Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spectacular White Water

My wife and I are debating which shot is most impressive, and I'd like to enlist some objective opinion, so I need your help. Which one of these water sprays is most impressive? Also, can you figure out where these spots are? For anyone who correctly guesses at least two out of the three location(s), I'll send you a Live2Sail sticker!
Leave a comment!

Ken and Wes, I have your Free Form Award(s). Get in touch with me so we can arrange to get those to you. Wes, perhaps there will be a session at Mayo or North Beach and we can hook up there!


windsurfjunky said...

First I just want to say I love you blog....I check it out everyday at like a mini vacation cant wait to get back to Hatteras this coming Spring....All your pics are amazing....Just a guess First one is on Maui and the last two OBX...

May the winds be in your sails...


Mac said...

yep, I agree....Maui is 1st one and that's Old Lighthouse Beach in last 2 pics.

I like the 2nd pic best only because it doesn't have anything else in the picture to distort the real size of the white water. It looks massive since you're the only subject in the picture and the fact you're facing it is pretty cool.

George Markopoulos said...

yah, you got it right. maybe i made the question too easy.
more specifically, where on maui (west side Nakale Blow Hole), and whether its an incoming or outgoing tide ;).

Email me your address(s) and I'll mail you a live2sail bumper sticker.

Ken K said...

Thanks for bringing my booty back to Maryland. I hope to meet you soon at a Delmarva session but our next session may be down at Hatteras if you're attending the Beast of the East. Getting down there may be a challenge. Sharon will be in Ireland during that time. We'll hook up eventually.