Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Warm Day At New Road!!

Another warm day of sailing on the Delmarva today. Temps approached 50, and the wind was WNW lit 5.0 91ltr conditions. Fun!

Bring on those colder temps. My drysuit can take it. So long as its sunny, temps dipping as low as 30 are entirely doable. No place I'd rather be. Beats sitting around the house baking cookies or being lazy.

I met Tom Hazel (spelling?) today. He is from Lakes Bay, Jersey. After seeing the colors he was flying today, I think he was one of the sailors out there on sunday.

Tom mentioned to me that he has taken several ABK clinics. After watching him sail, I'm inclined to sign up for the next one! Tom has a wide aresnal of tricks and transitions. Very good sailor.


Hands free:

Beautiful light showcasing this gybe

Nice meeeting you today Tom, and sorry I had to cut my session short. Hope to see you again soon. See my email on the upper right corner of this web page to stay in touch, or leave a comment on this post.

Looking forward.......

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