Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Kellars Are In Hatteras

WED April 8th. Ken Kellar is in Hatteras with is family for spring break, and Wednesday evening he caught a beautiful 90 minute sunset session at the hole.

Wavesailing southside: September '08

Nicely powered on a 5.8. He comments, "This is the first time in 2009 I've been on a plane for more than 30 seconds" He met Will from Richfield CT, a young windsurfer down for the week. He wasn't sailing due to an arm injury suffered earlier in the week. No loop attempts on day one, but he did practice popping jumps down wind and over the board. He hopes to hook up with Andy tomorrow to increase his chances of some ocean action.

Playing in the surf during Loopfest: June '08

Check back for more on site correspondence from Ken as he reports.

PS-I was planning on a weekend trip to join Ken, but we have a promising forecast on the Delmarva, so looks like I'm staying locale.


Ken K said...

Thanks for the post George. Wish you were here to push me. Will hasn't sent me his photos yet. We'll try to get you some photos next session so you won't have to draw from the "archives"!

PeconicPuffin said...

The only thing sweeter than Hatteras in the Spring is Hatteras in the fall. Good for Ken!