Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hatteras Wave Jam 2009 - Reliving The Main Event

The Beast of the East Wave Jam competition is covered in Windsurfer International, 3rd edition, which hit cyberstands today and what awesome coverage we've received! Click the link to check it out. It's amazing.

It was really hard holding back on the photos, but necessary. Links to the photos are now available. Ian, this is the day you've been waiting for! Everyone else too!

Venue: The Bath house south of Frisco

The format was four man heats last 20 minutes each.

Judging was based on the number of waves ridden, number of turns on a wave, wave transitions, aerials ON the wave (proved to be my undoing) as well as wave size.

The wind dropped significantly just as my heat was about to begin, so I pulled out my trusty ole’ light wind board, however I choose to remain with the 5.0.

Kav and Ian checking out the action

Ken with a view to kill for

John Waters drove all night to get here

This was a nice little jump I popped during my heat, but It didn’t score any points because its wasn’t off of a breaking wave, but rather outside swell. And that doesn’t count! Oh well, chalk it up to a learning curve.

Ken, on the other hand, hit this sweet backside aerial. Regardless the fact that wave was perhaps ankle high, it proved to be the difference in the amatuer division contest-thats how critical aireals ON the wave are.

The Man: Keith McCulloch

My best wave of the day

Mac Barnhardt

Judges where perched high above on the dunes. That spot proved to be an excellent vantage point from which to watch the action!

We waved a large towel to indicate the end of a given wave heat. Ironically, it was a "Shark Week" discovery channel towel ;)

I’m telling ya the spot reminded me of the bluff at Hookipa.

There were over 20 sailors present, conditions were not too big, yet not so small, and the day really was extraordinary. It was reminiscent of The Loop-fest Main Event
Coming in after my heat

Hi five from Ken

my shoulder was still hurting

Donald Obst and Mac Barnardt

Ken Kellar with a beautiful turn


Jesse Waters

Bill Bell


Janis and I really enjoyed meeting the Charlotte crew. Mac, Rob, Mark, Alain, Ralph and Donald. Some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

After party at the Charlotte crew's house on Sunday night. A great time was had by all! Good memories for sure.

Here are the Picasa links to all photos taken by Janis. We apologize for the long, anticipated wait but we wanted to give WI first rights to publish these awesome photos.




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