Monday, June 20, 2011

RRD Wave Cult Quad LTD

Wave Cult Quad

Program:Wave Classic Quad


Flat rail to rail entry on the very nose, it then evolves in a full V rail to rail configuration from mid board section all the way to the tail. Slight double concave in the middle hull section, to improve stability. Max width point about 10 cms forward with wider nose, has allowed us to create some great balanced proportional line in the middle/tail section of these boards bringing the middle and tail lines to be very harmonic and keeping a constant curve all the way to the very end of the board. The full rail shape and the generous TUE in the front allows to create some fast yet very turny wave boards that will be in perfect control in both rough waters or limit -to-plane conditions.


EXCLUSIVE Custom-made full sandwich with Biaxial Glass, which give us best results in terms of weight/strength. We kept Epoxy/Herex 100 stringers on bottom all the shapes.
RRD Wave Cult Quad LTD - In Stock and Ready for Demo


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