Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tower Road

 Mostly Tower road is best suited for Kiters and slalom sailors. But on rare occasions, the right combo of direction, tide, and wind strength combine to make the venue perfect for bump-n-jump aerials. Onshore, and 30+ is just enough to flatten the psycho chop in between ramps, and the place just becomes magical.
 Lit up on a flattened 5.0 and the 90 twin

Stan was in good form

And possibly one of the best characteristics at Tower is the grassy areas for rigging and un-rigging. Just don't park in the front row...ever.
 Ahhhh stoked

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Assateague Was Super Windy

Got my January in the books kiddos. Lit 5.0 90 Ltr
 water was quite warm, and Mary Lee is visiting Rhode Island, I think.
 good day for jumping

 very on shore. DTL rides were tough


 Super stoked here. Sky's the limit

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surf Expo & Paddleboarding With Gators

Janis and I took a trip to Florida to attend Surf EXPO and we'll be bringing some pretty cool new SUP products to Delmarva Board Sport Adventures-the Tax fee sales paddle board source in Ocean City Maryland and Delaware.
 Talking shop with the Fanatic crew. Compared notes with Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel
 Surf Expo is a pretty amazing experience
This is Captiva Island - beautiful place

We also paddled in the Everglades
So Janis and I  paddlled just around the corner from these guys 

We also paddled with Manatees in Lovers Key State Park

 pack it up jack it up

Big wind in the forecast tomorrow, and I'm all over it.