Friday, February 26, 2010

Naish' Autographed Windsurfing Van

Back on Oct 13th 2008, I was in Hatteras participating in the first annual Beast of The East Wave contest. Rumor had it that Robby Naish was also on the island. I pulled into the Canadian Hole parking lot, and there he was unrigging. He’s a super cool guy, who I have met several times.

this one from June 2006, Maui

I had seen a van up in Rodanthe that he'd autographed so I asked him to sign mine.

Robby Naish is a great ambassador for the sport, and the Naish brand is known the world over.

I told him I'd bought those stickers from his shop in Kahului, Maui

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Stuff

Ken Kellar and yours truely at Broadkill Beach, early fall 2007

Here is a video short from that fun day at Broadkill. From a mast mount on Ken's rig.

Packing my gear in Maui, time to come home. Not a good time

Me, at Hookipa July 2007

Ken comin in at Hookipa:

Here is some video we shot on 7/7/07 at Sprecks. This was actually the first time i wore the helmet cam, and i sailed behing Ken and filmed him as he hit a couple of jumps. I believe we were on 4.5s. Heck, 4.5 is what we were on EVERY day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Labral Tear Shoulder Surgery (SLAP Tear)

On Thursday I had arthroscopic shoulder. The injury happened on the january 2nd Lewes Sesh.

I had a complete tear of the libram tissue, and a partial tear of the rotator cuff. He left the rotator alone, and only choose to fix the Librum. He said the rotator wasn't significant enought to warrent a repair, and that it should mend on its own. The librum was another story. Here is a series of before shots showing the extent of the tear. Check out the two upper left shots, Now i can see why i was in so much pain:

Here are some frames where he is actually sewing up the muscle. He ran our of surgical thread and had to use some downhaul line i always keep in my back pocket. hehehehehe

And here is the final sequence of shots showing the muscle completely sewn back up:

Its been a painfull few days since the surgery. I didn't sleep at all the first night, but each subsequent night has gotten better and better. I'm supposed to stay off the water for 2-3 months, and thats a tough pill to swallow. However its been made a little bit easier by the fact that my new gear will be arriving some time in late march, so I have a lot to look forward too.

But theres no cheatin on this one, this was a major repair. Here is a video link to Labrum repair. and i'm officially in dry-dock until at least late march. Time to work on my cardio capacity.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Sponsored! Stoked!

RRD has always been the favorite board in my quiver to ride.

I'f you're a regular follower of Live2sail, you'll recall that 2009 was a break out year in that I unlocked the secret that is Assateague wavesailing. First and foremost: the spot offers a wide range of conditions, and you need gear that you'll have the confidence to take it out in and make work.
Well I'm super stoked to announce that I'll be riding exclusively on RRD gear (boards and sails) this year. I'm sooo excited about teaming with RRD as they are the boards that I've ridden succcesfully in exploring and learning how Assatague works. Check out the RRD web site. More details will be forthcoming as the season unfolds.

A huge thank you goes to Tony at A&O Sports, the North American Distributor of RRD Gear.
My new gear will be arriving sometime in March and I can't wait!
2010 is gonna be a GREAT year!!
cya in the straps!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

After The Storm-The Big Dig

Historic Savage Mill is open for business

So for the 2nd time in less than a week, we found ourselves digging out after a monstor blizzard.

At one point today, Janis and I went off in search of impassable roads.
This is a shot of Murry Hill road looking like the frozen tundra of Lambau field!

this is a pic of my front yard, with at least 4 feet of snow, probably closer to 5 due to the blowing snow.

And on the other side of this fence (yes, there is a fence in there) is our mailbox.

The Mail resumed today:
Here is a look at the parking situation before we commenced to shoveling.
and 4 hours later, we can see pavement!
Savage Maryland (and card carrying member of the Savage Nation-SAVAGE!). The Savage Cemetary is where the Savages are buried.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Out Conditions In Savage, Md.

Snow diving off the house into 50 inches of snow. Don't think I'll ever have a chance to do this again, so I. They are calling this the 100 year storm. So I took the leap!

Talk about ice cream headaches!

The storm appeared to have been moving out, so Janis and I ran out to take care of a few errands.

This is route 1 just north of Carmax

Then over to the weiss market for a few groceries

Look at these conditions. at least the store was empty!

Awesome, but don't try this at home kids. we probably shouldn't have gone out.
In the gusts, complete white out.
Bollman bridge, Savage Md.

What a storm!

2nd Blizzard This Week!!

You've got to be kidding me.

Coupled with the snow accumulations from the weekend blizzard, I've got more than four feet of snow of snow on my roof.

The bird feeder is getting lots of visitors, but it all amounts to a big tease to the cats!

and I was just saying spring is right around the corner.......

I'd like you guys to know that I'm now promoting Downtown Piano Works in Frederick, Maryland. If you are in the market for a grand or stand up piano, they offer fabulous deals, and can probably beat any deal offered by competitors.  They are having an awesome Presidents Day sale not to be missed.
Check out this story in The Frederick Times. They've just delivered a piano to The White House, and you know they probably cut Obama a great deal! Get in touch with my wife Janis Markopoulos. Not only is she close friends with the owner, but she has worked in the piano industry for over 12 years, and understands the corporate strategy of all the major retailers. She can tell you what they cost, how much they are marked up, and how to negotiate when buying a piano. Bottom line, she can get you hooked up with a smokin deal, just like Obama!

I definately would not buy one from Jordan Kitts Music-IN MY OPINION, they are outrageously overpriced.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Final Maui Surf Report


hello. wow incredible photos of all the snow!

this is probably my last maui report......:-)

yesterday I sailed at lowers.. it was about shoulder high and light wind.. I rigged a 6.2.. and went out wave sailing.. it was more fun than it sounds!.. I sailed about 3 hours.. non wave after another... 2 to 3 turns per wave average... lots of fun.. i was surprised how well the 6.2 was working.. when the wind and waves are lining made all the difference... no photos again from lowers.. to far out.. i guess I should have a go pro hd wide tied on to my boom like andy.

and today.. Ho'okipa.. I was lit up on a 5.4 with solid head high to occasional logo sets.. nice "sail out at will" conditions.. no need to sail out thru the slot today.. just point the board north and blast out thru the sets.. big jumps on the way out...

 but, not everything was easy.... in the first ten minutes I broke a mast.. some bozo cut me off and i got clobbered by a wave which drove the mast into the reef.. so I swam the gear in.. installed a new mast and headed back out...

the crowd here was alot different than the last time I was here.... not alot of courtesy or aloha here! the last time i sailed the waves were big and the sailors were much more respectful.. today it was like a pack of dogs out there..

I think the big wave sailors had some immediate comradeship.. just the fact that you made it out got you some respect out there... totally different today... people cutting you off.. jibing right in front of you while you are setting up a wave..etc..etc.. ridiculous. anyway.. i guess that's good enough reason to sail at Ku'au. Do i really need to be at Ho'okipa when its like that?

I sailed till 5.. the last hour from 4 to 5 was the best for me since the crowd thinned down and the wind got fluky.. which was fine.. less guys to get in my way. a few air off the lips were memorable. super nice being powered up on the inside and blasting out thru the sets... pretty freaky jumping looking down and seeing the reef thru the clear water while you are soaring over it. the low tides here have been pretty low.. so i've hit the reef with my fin several times. I did get washed pretty good once and cut my foot and bounced off the reef with my butt and leg.. i guess that's better than my head. makes you appreciate the sand bottom of hatteras!

forecast for the day we leave looks awesome.. don't you know that's always the case.. oh well. hey george you'll have to come out with me next time! I'll be back. -Keith
Keith-you can count on it pal! Thanks for letting us ride along during your trip. Safe travels back home.