Monday, July 27, 2009

Assateague Was Firing, Again!!!

All photography by my awesome wife Janis Markopoulos

Two consecutive days of wavesailing at on Assateague Island, and I'm stoked. Ken Kellar came out today, and I really enjoyed sharing the waves with another sailor, there where plenty to go around, even a tad bigger than saturdays waves, though not as long and a lot more disorganized, but still plenty of nuggets to hit.

All in all, we dialed it perfectly, and sailed till almost 6pm.

Perfect sunny weather, wind outa the SSW in the mid teens. Ahhh

We set up camp around 10am. Hi tide was noon, so it was a struggle to try and hold out for the good waves that we knew where coming as lo tide approached.

I've had a lot more succes catching waves that are in front of me as opposed to behind me and looking back over my should. A quick pivot gybe I'm front of a incoming wave is now my preferred method to catch a wave. My success rate has gone way up, although it is a pressure situation.

Ken was ripping today

The waves were a little bigger than yesterday, but a lot less organized, most one or two hit wonders, but still tons of fun. I also think they packed a bigger punch. I guess that's a factor of size?

Fun sequence by Ken

Cool shot

BTW, see the widget on the upper right marrgin of this web page for a link to Ken's brand new beach house in Hatteras. Perfect for location just 3 miles from the hole. Check it out!

We carried our stuff upwind a few hundred yards to check out another sandbar

Ken going backside

The boy who cried wolf. Ken says he saw a large fish.....the unpleasant sort that we want to avoid. We're sitting on the beach in between sessions, and Ken jumps out of his chair and swears he saw one. Close, inside the sandbar. I never saw it. He says he's certain, a big one. Me, I'd rather not hear about it. I know they're out there. I also know that the odds of getting hit are astronimical. If my number is up, well so be it, but I'm not gonna obsess about it. I mean, how long do we spend down in the water? A few seconds, unless you really explode trying something. Gettin hit aint gonna happen. So I choose the ingorance is bliss perspective, and go about my business. Ken recovered from the alleged sighting, got right back on the horse and went back out, ala a certain puffin up north. Good work Ken.

do real dues today

Cool point of view-front row

Headin back out

I need to extend my front arm more, and lay it down

This was so much fun, i hooting at ken to rip it up. Front row seat. There really is no better place to watch another sailor than out on the water.

Light winds on the inside meant slogging thru the impact zone

smart tactics to maintain position

Our experience with the hatteras crew and wavejam has taught us to enjoy the liter conditions. You don't need planing wind to wavesailing. In fact, in my experience, some of my best waveaailing ever has been in under 15 knots. I mean that was probably the avg speed both saturday and sunday. But it was some of the finest wavesaling I've ever experienced. So the benchmark forecast for me has been redefined. If there are waves, I'm stoked with a forecast of 10-15, and we get that most every weekend. I'm telling ya'll, if you have any desire to wavesail, sign up for the wavejam here. You'll be glad you did.

What a great day