Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Sesh

Scored my Birthday sesh today at the Secret Spot
nose first re-entry
yah, I'm digging the RRD Wave Cult 90
works great on the Delaware Bay
great to score a fun sesh on my birthday
getting to my secret spot takes a bit of effort, but worth it!
Lewes, home patch


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cold Weather Is Coming-Time To Suit Up

I wore my new Mystic 5/3 Crosfire Steamer, and was very impressed with the performance.
the material is strong, flexible, and I especially found the inner neck collar/seal to be very effective.
Take it from some one who sails all year round, these suits are very effective at keeping you warm and on the water


Happy Halloween Session

Sunday is Halloween, and that also happens to be my birthday. I’m hoping for a repeat of last year's epic session on my birthday.
......and looking at the forecast, sunday looks pretty solid, so bring it on...

Here is the coolest house decorated for Halloween that I've ever seen. If I was a kid, that would scare the heck out of me!

haunted house for sure


Freddy Krueger

Michael Myers

Creature from the black lagoon

Some random shots from Delaware:

Friday, October 29, 2010

RRD Wave Cult 90 ltr

Today I sailed at the Secret Spot, lit on a 5.3 Super style and the RRD Wave Cult 90.
The wave cult 90 performed great as a bump and jump board. The NW winds where super gusty, and she planed up nice an quick, easily handling the lulls.  Gybing off of the outside swell was sooo much fun..
....and despite my assurances to myself that I would take it nice and easy today and not jump that much, I did blast some pretty high aeriel's. The 90 felt great in the air
If you always sail at your same spot, you'll never know what you're missing..
Every now and them, step out on faith and try a new spot
Wrap up to another awesome day of sailing on the Delmarva
Weekend looks good!


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RRD Wave Thruster 76ltr

Got some new boards today.
The RRD Wave Thruster is a new fast and early planning board that feels secure as a single fin but “turny” and radical as a surfboard
cant wait to get this board on the water
and it wont be long cuz..
...Friday looks to be super windy.
time for some waterboarding, the Delaware way

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delmarva Water Temps Warming Up

Got out again today, this time down at Tower Road.. Not really all that windy....but.....any day of sailing is a great day of sailing....

clew first-switch stance-sup sailing
We've had several consecutive days with temps in the 70s. The water temperature at the shallow water venues closely parallel the air temps, so it doesn't take much to get the water temps back up into board short territory
Looks like we have several more days of sailable conditions, especially tomorrow.
Stoked cuz I have a new Wave Cult and a Wave Thruster arriving tomorrow.

Sam, can you make it out? I think the North end of the inlet tomorrow afternoon may be the call...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Assateague Island Is Crankin Today

George just checked in. Hes down on Azz island, sailing moderatly powered conditions on his 5.8
Low tide is around 3pm so the best is yet to come....
Thanks to another high pressure off the SE coast, its gonna be windy all week

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Foliage On The Delmarva

Not quite full color Yet, but almost!
water is still warm here
and crystal clear blue
I was just standing there, allowing the wind to blow me accros the pond, when I noticed this turtle floating out in front of my board, checking me out. As I brought the camera to bear, I startled him and he dove for cover under the bed of see grass.  Can you see him there off to the right? He was diving for cover.. Click on the picture to enlarge to full screen...
so many ponds, canals, rivers to explore by SUP here in Delaware
Water is very clear this time of year. From the standup perspective, you're at the perfect vantage point to really check things out and get up close to nature

the water depth here is about 5 feet

I love saw grass
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ps-solid forecast this week, and it all looks to line up for a wave sailing session beginning Monday afternoon. Stoked!