Sunday, November 2, 2008

Assateague Delivers AGAIN!!!!!

Big jumps like this all day! too many to count!

I went over the bars on this one!

If you dont already know, you can click on any picture to get the full screen view. Try It and see what I mean.

First day of sailing November'08 is in the books, and I'm so stoked to have had such awesome sailing today. Left the house around 7.45am and I was on the water in Assateague around 9am. Went solo today. Weather was balmy, maybe 60 degrees. Sailed till around 1pm, a solid 4+ hours!

I rigged 5.0 and the 91 ltr. Lit up conditions. Pefection at Assagateague. One of the best ever!

I'd give it an "Epic" label but for the fact that there were no other sailors present to share the wind and waves. Its always better when there are other sailor out. Fires me up!

Waves had some size, some about chest high.

This is launching for my second sesh around 11.30, about dead high tide. Shorebreak was meaty but easy to pick your spots. Current was bad but really not an issue cuz you had plenty of power.

Something happened to me thats never happened before. I'm coming in after my first sesh, I'm walking my stuff in out of the water, and I could feel that the mast had come apart at the ferule. So is wasn't completely together while I was sailing. And I was pushing it, even attempted a forward. I'm amazed the mast didn't break on me. I didn't notice any damage, and had to completely unrig and rerig, which was a pain in the ass cuz it was honking. Andy, you think I need to be concerned about that mast now? Its funny though, that mast wasn't completely connected, yet it felt dialed, and I was ripping.

The wind was ENE which is very on shore for Assateague, so not so good for waveriding, but great for jumpin! Most of day was backside riding, with a few times setting up to get one front side turn. Fun!

My best attempt at a table top

Here is a slide show of the edited/zoomed shots:

I was using heli-tacks on the inside for solid tactical advantage.

Yeah Brah! You gotta work for it if you wanna score at Assateague

You can see the Go-Pro video camera mounted on the mast above the boom.

All that jumping today came a pretty high price. I broke my board!

I didn't notice it until i was unrigging in the parking lot. I have no idea when it happened, and I guess I sailed it like that for quite a while. Not sure this is a crack that qualifies as a broken board cuz I've never done this before. The board felt solid, I mean I didn't notice an obdvious structural issue. The crack doesnt go across the entire bottom of the board, but only about a third. So I don't know. Anyone have any experience with this?

Who has the best, most supportive wife in the world?? ME THATS WHO. :)

So I got what I wanted for my B-day, a solid forecast that came to fruition, jumps, waverides, and loops!

Check back for some mast mount video. Should be pretty intense!

btw-has anyone heard the new ACDC cd? It freaking ROCKS! In my opinion, their best cd since BACK IN BLACK. Every song is awesome. BUY IT.BUY IT.BUY IT.


Andy said...

You might have scored your "get out of jail free" card with the mast issue... Inspect it closely, and, uh, well, never sail out further than you can swim... : )

Oh, and your board is fixable, for sure! But feel free to give me a call if you want a new one. : )

tormod said...

Congratulate with nice windsurf and all the jump's
To bad you broke the board, hopefully fixable.