Saturday, November 15, 2008

Warm Day At New Road

Wow, it was just bizzare warm today, pushing 70! Wore the wetsuit.
Lots of sailors there for fun 5.0 conditions.

If anyone is interested in buying my van, get in touch with me soon, cuz I'm either gonna sell it to a sailor who can enjoy it, or I'm trading it in on a 4x4.

The water at new road today, dare I say it, was nice to look at. I think in the dead of summer, all sorts of algae, and other stuff, sort of discolors the water. But in the fall, and today, the water is a lot cleaner, and down right pretty.

Tons of floaty port jumps, and full on raging!

Here is slide show of some jumps that we zoomed on:

Andy Pierce was ripping today. Bob, sorry you where under the weather today, and look forward to sailing with The Zamboni again, soon!

Nice Andy!

James Roe has a beautiful gybe. And he was hitting some nice jumps too.

Here's a few more of Andy

Few more of Andy. Great to sail with you again today Andy. Hope we can do it again real soon.

After the first session on the bay, Janis and I checked out Tower road, and it appeared that a fair bit of decoupling was going on, so I think I made the right call. Still, that stinking feeling that I was missing some thing special on the ocean nagged at me all day.

I used the “clew-view” mount for the go-pro today. It seem to work ok, although half way thru the session, it swung down below the boom. That should be ok, just providing a different view. I’m looking forward to reviewing the footage, and check back later for the action.

This mid gybe shot is pulled from the video file.

Toward late afternoon, Jules and his wife Donna showed up too. Wind wasn't as steady as early in the day, but still fun.

Jules, Janis loves the colors on that sail! Is that a Naish?

Linda is a sailor we met who is down from Jersey. Great to meet you Linda!

Forecast for tomorrow is for the wind to clock around to the west-northwest. I’m targeting a secret spot sesh if that happens, with a fall back to New Road if it has too much west in it.

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