Monday, November 24, 2008

OBX Photo Contest!!

Most visitors to this site are familiar with OBX Bill's blog.

I personaly check his blog on a daily basis.

Well its been a phenomenal year of windsurfing in Hatteras.

And with all the new windsuring events like Loopfest and Wavefest, not to mention all the storms and nor'easters we've been blessed with, there has also been some extraordinary photography to document all the action. Possibly some of the best photography ever showcasing the awesome windsurfing in the OBX!

Here is a sequence of Ken Kellar on Ocracoke Island. We scored some great conditions there back on Sept 19th during Wavefest.

Bill has begun a photo contest of his blog header shots! Those shots are unquestionably the best of the best pictures from the entire year 2008! Over the coming weeks, there will be seven heats comprised of six or seven photos each. Visitors to his site can participate by voting on each heat, thus narrowing down the finalists. After we've voted on each heat, the winner from each will go head to head in the final, arriving at the unofficial photo of the year!

Please visit his website on a regular basis and vote for your choice. Don't forget to check back through the first weeks of decemeber for each successive heat!

Looking forward.....

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Ken K said...

Sweet photos!