Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy-Sailing The Backside Of The Storm

Monday, i scored a secret spot in Ocean City Maryland. Had to be secret cuz technically there was a state of emergency
a quick recon
and it was go time 
Blasting out toward Ocean City 
Solid 4.5 

Sandy Day 4-We Were Fortunate

Our beach at the store, and half of the parking lot was covered in 12+ inches of water

abandoned car next to our beach 

the point is covered as well 
Sharks cove gas dock 
shot from across the canal
Marquis took some damage

good shot from the store

minor damage to the outside of the store 
after the recon, I did sail the backside. More on that later

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy-Day 2 Revisited

Fabulously epic day on Sunday. 4.5 Legend and the 75 quad
Lewes, Delaware is MY home break , and the cool thing is, when its really windy and conditions get good, there are no strings attached
moderate shore break-but totally manageable
here's a shot of my friend Ian
lots of white water

relatively onshore
full power backside hits

gybing in between swells was a dream

This had never happened to me before. Emergency personal came out, but not as spectators
they got my friend Ian, telling him to pack it up 
and they waited for me to come in....but I never did. lol
not until the gave up any way.... Its funny, i was on my way in for a break, while they were waiting, and Janis urges me to stay out...she mouthed the words " stay out-dont come in" so I did. LOL. PRICELESS
Stan and I sailed for about 3 hours-epic stuff 

very well organized on the inside for gybes 


backside hits where a blast
soooooo much fun 

The first 2/3 of the sesh where relatively precipitation free. But then it started to deteriorate. and got very gusty too.

spend a lot of time rubbing the rain out my eyes 

I gotta tell ya
flying thru the air like this 
is no fun at all ;) 


one of the best sessions of the year for sure