Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy: Day 1

Well, not really as the effects today where very light, and the storm is still quite far away. Moderately powered 5.0 conditions, Lewes main beach (Azz too onshore).
Bob Ramsey
overall, very light and underpowered
 But no worries, strong conditions are forecasted for the next 3 days. We're ready.
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Anonymous said...

saturday was a solid 25-30 at azzy and we did 3 DWers. NOT TOO ONSHORE for kites!! :) Fenwick bouy reading 8-11 feet that day. We def had some double overhead peaks on sets with 5-6 foot ambient conds. You missed it. also heard guys rode the shoals south side indian river calling it double overhead. Suprised you didnt go out there. 'course there were "strings attached". heh!

Steve S.