Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tropical Storm Nicole Serves It Up

Venue: Slaughter Beach, Delaware

Secured the insurance sesh on the 4.7
then quickly re-rigged to my 4.2 wave vogue
RRD wave Vogue 4.2
cool graphics huh!
the 4.2 was just right :)
Amazing-rigging a half meter smaller sail made all the difference. I was dialed.
Love my twin fin-works awesome as a bump-n-jump board
Slaughter is hands down epic in a Southeast Gale
ramps line up perfectly
for big air
Touch down. Cool thing about the twin fins is you never spin out. Ever.
the twin is so loose
and gybes so smooth
ramps were perfect-both starboard or port
see the Ghost ship on the horizon
oh yeah
all day long

amazing thing is they were predicting 7 inches of rain
I hit the water at 11am, and it didn't start raining until I was unrigged and packing up at 3.30.
Finally, a good looking strectch of wind. Next 5 days looks to be windy. Stoked!


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tropical Storm Nicole

Gale warnings are up for Thursday.
My schedule is cleared, and I'm ready to rock n roll.

live2sail in nukin conditions.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Monday, September 27, 2010

More Pics From The Ocracoke Sesh

Headin out
nice to have power to jump when you need to
see that gull in the foreground :)
couple of turns on this.....
.....this one was about to become a monster closeout
over mast high-and running for the clearing
Charlie (or Jim) Myers was out in front of me, hooting and hollering. I was running from that closeout!

more hits when the wave reforms on the inner bar
these where the longest wave rides I'd EVER had. Several were 7-8 bottom and top turns.
I was just trying to sneak away unscathed, with no broken gear, or body parts. I succeeded.

The Hatteras locales, on the other hand, where putting on a show:
Charlie Myers

Keith McCulloch

Caleb Jacobs

so yeah, I'll be chasing this day for years to come. I'll never be same after that sesh

live2sail mast high+ waves :) :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wave Jam 2010 Photos

The process of loading the photos has begun and many of them are now available for your review and purchase at a very affordable price-$3 per downloadable file.

Wave Jam Photos <---click here.

Since many of the photos were shot in NEF (magazine quality), there are still a couple days worth that need converting.  We'll get those up to the site as soon as we can.  Keep checking back.

We've selected about 50 of the really great shots to go to the mags.  Good luck.  We hope it's your shot that gets published.

Assateague Was Small But Fun

Ken and I scored a fun day at Azz Isl weds.
I was behind the lens and snapped a few pics of Ken. We started on our Sups
Then onto our short boards

Still buzzing from the Ocracoke sesh :)
I was more aggresive on the inner bar
more indepth reviw of that sesh is coming so check back
big closeout