Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane Earl-Day 2

So yeah, winds along the backside of the storm clocked NNW,  solid 5.3 conditions all morning. I sailed Lewes, Delaware
splash down
I love duck gybes.
the sand bar was breaking
just flying out there!

looks fun eh :)

Cape May ferry in the background
bear off

time to pack it up jack it up-

Tuesday and Wednesday are the next days to watch, thermals and tides look to align for a fun day of wave sailing on Azz island. James, you should try to come down.

WAVEJAM in one week!! There is still time to sign up.


1 comment:

James said...

a 5.2 day up here in AC, George. Lakes Bay was cranking, but the shorebreak on the ocean side was massive. it looked like an amazing time could be had if you made it out there though...