Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl Serves Up Solid 4.7 Conditions In Delaware

I'm digging the cool graphics of my new wave vogue 4.7
I was fairly lit on the 4.7 for most of the morning,but Earl began to lose a bit of his punch around noon
big jumps on the outside
Slaughter Beach is 7 miles from my house, and believe or not, today was the first time I sailed here.
I usually go to Broadkill Beach. I find the set up there a bit better.
But Slaughter works well on a NNE
My Wave Twin 82 ltd absolutely rips in these bump and jump conditions
I have a bit more work to do to figure out how Slaughter works, cuz the conditions today weren't especially epic.
Earl lost a lot of his punch late morning, and it was time to rerig
to my RRD 101 FSW ltd and a 5.3 super style
this kit rocks too
Nice grassy rigging area at Slaughter
Around 2pm, the wind clocked NNW, so we unrigged and headed down to Lewes, De.
and proceeded to have an absolute blast there :)
Cape May Ferry in the background
Al Dupont was out there, as well as a bunch of other kiters.
I was actually a bit surprised to see so many kiters out there today.
...nothing but smiles, both on the water and the beach

So all in all, Earl wasn't quite what we expected-not as windy as we would have liked, but still tons of fun :)

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