Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heavy Conditions In Delaware

All photography: Janis Markopoulos
Without a doubt the windiest conditions I've ever sailed. In this photo, its blowing 50, with gusts to 65.
Hurricane strength :)
I was dialed with my 3.7 Wave Vogue
Lit up 
first sesh of the year w/o gloves and just a beanie 
so nice to have less rubber on, and more freedom to really get into it 
Beautiful shot of the sky before the front came thru
in this shot I was waiting out an especially strong gust. Its NOT raining in this photo, this is liquid smoke. Full on nukin conditions
I sailed from 1.30-5pm
Wind Graph Iwindsurf

Think I'm having fun here? ;)

Beautiful light 
had the place all to myself 
Initially, I was on a 4.2. I came in to rig down. My kit is sitting properly on the beach. A gust came thru, picked up the entire thing, and it flew 30 feet, rotating thru the air into the grass.
Fortunate not to break anything. Never seen anything like it. Was AWESOME

Its actually windier than it looks 

Absolutely LIT 

Steve from Lewes came out to watch
first half of the day I was on the 4.2 vogue
Cool shot 


beautiful color 

Check out this sequence 
super powerful gusts coming thru 
Sheeting out 
trying to keep from exploding here with my 4.2....
in category one hurricane force gusts! 
thats not spray off my board, just more spray coming of the ramps
SIC!!!! Had to drop in and sit this gust out. 
pretty epic for the baby pool eh ;)
Check it out
these jumps are on the inside off of ramps that where ankle high 
but in heavy winds like this, all you gotta do is pop and get air borne and you go up! 
and just friggin fly! 
My wave thruster rips in these conditions
lots of grip 
email me if you'd like to take it out for a spin 

stoked and.....
....blessed beyond measure
live2 sail storm conditions