Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RRD Wave Thruster Ltd

Air temps 34 degrees
water temps 36 degrees
sail 4.7 vogue
board RRD wave thruster 76ltr Ltd
Venue: Lewes, De. Main Beach
fun combo in these gorge like conditions 
May not look like, but the outside was pretty sizable 
On live2sail, you can click on any picture to enlarge to full screen.
Lo tide and the sand bar was fun, both on the way in and....
on the way out ;) 

love this shot

This one was big -soo much fun!

scary thing was when I landed this one, my boot nearly came clear off my foot because i sort of lost it on landing, and did the splits. I was very fortunate however. 
But I took that as the cue to go in, and pack it up jack it up 
yeah thats right, its almost spring, I'm so ready after this winter


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