Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its Been Really Good Here

It’s just been so good here on the Delmarva, the best November I can remember, and perhaps the best 8 week stretch ever. Every weekend we score multiple nukin bump-n-jump sessions on the Delaware Bay. Sprinkle those with the occasional Assateague wave sailing sesh, and I'm pretty sore.

Nor’easters, low pressure high pressure squeeze plays, and strong cold fronts have been working like clock work.

Wind was strongest on Saturday, and the sun was shining so the light for the photo shoot was superb.

The jumps where much bigger on Friday, but I was still tweaking out my aerials Saturday.

Stan getting on it


I don’t know how, but I sprained my finger last week during the assateague session. The finger is swollen to twice normal size, and the flexibility is nowhere near what it should be. That said, it didn’t keep me off the water though, and it didn’t affect my performance either. Aleve was a major part of the apr├Ęs-sesh regimen.

Tide was super lo today

Layin it down and……….

Layin it out

Stan was ripping today

splash down

Nice duck gybe sequence

Great shot!

My harness broke, on the outside no less. The webbing on the fixed side of the harness hook strap simply failed, and the wipeout could have been significant because the hook continued to hang on to the harness line as I went down. As it was, I only had to sail back about 1-2 miles. My forearms where burning and there was no way I was gonna be able to hold my position and point back to the spot I launched from. I wound up a few hundred yards downwind. No worries, and the only regrets where that I had to leave wind on the table because I didn’t have a back up harness in the truck.
So I unrigged and watched Stan tear it up. Man it was good!

I didn’t have a back up harness so my day was finished.