Friday, November 6, 2009

Solo Dawn Patrol Sesh-Lewes, De.

Scored and absolutely fabulous morning on the Delaware Bay, Lewes. Conditions where basically hi tide, and heavy shorebreak. 4 footers routinely crashing on the beach, however getting out was no problem. Fully juiced 4.5 conditions on my smallest board. Huge rolling swell on the outside, especially as you approach the jetty. We're talking very ocean like, and quite clean and organized. I was boosting some big and floaty jumps. Ahh, the main beach in Lewes is so good on a strong NW blow. 4.5 conditions here are pretty epic. Kellar, you should of come out, it was a good one.

Looplicious eh?!

Juiced 4.5 conditions. Gybing on the outside in big swell is so easy and fun. When it gets that big, it pretty much is smooth in between the swells, and a pretty generous period gives you something akin to a freshly grooomed ski slope to carve your turn. Yehaaaa!

Looking upwind toward the secret spot

Lewes lite. Funny thing happened to me for the second consecutive week. I lost my hat and then found it. Today i was out with full suit on, and a helmet on as well in case the mood strikes me. Anyway, I notice something aint right, and figure out my helmet is missing. The genious forgot to tighten his chin strap. Oh well, i say to myself I have another one back home, so no worries. Bout 20 minutes later, i see it bobbing around in the rolling swell, so i sail over to it, hop off, and reclaim my property, remembering to tighten the chin strap this time.

I wrapped up the day on my 5.6 and 91 ltr. Still some big jumps to be had. Its funny, the morning sesh on the 4.5 was lit up full power. But perhaps the biggest jump i hit all day was with this setup. Man it was good :)

Dave Coyle showed up, but missed the prime window which was 9.30 - noon.

More action on tap for tomorrow. Wind will be light, but the tide and forecasted pickup in southerlies is lining up for a fun afternoon.

cya out there...


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