Monday, November 16, 2009

Epic Event At The Zamboni Cave

So recently the stars finally aligned, and we were all able to gather at the Zamboni Cave for gourmet food and libation, good tunes, and great conversation. Janis brought a few of her scrapbooks, she enjoys showing every little detail.

***More on her scrapbooks coming soon***

Blog author and his most amazing wife

I’m blessed to have some great friends, they surprised me with a birthday cake. Every time we visit, its world class treatment. Totally blessed.

Linda Pierce and my wife Janis. Linda, Janis is very fond of you, although I’m personally disappointed you didn’t bring any baked goods ;)

Andy and Linda Pierce.

Kathryn and Linda. So glad to hear you’re finally over that cold Kathryn.

Heather and Lu. Lu was great seeing you again, and a pleasure to meet you too Heather.

Blog auther and Andy Pierce. Andy, you an the Zamboni WILL be learning to wavesail next year.

I found my self quite comfortable in the captains chair.

This is the Andy Peirce suite of the Zamboni cave. I've had the honor of staying here on more than one occasion.

No pictures available of the mysterious Zamboni, he was last scene blasting on the water

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