Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday The 13th Noreaster-The Damage

The storm definately came at a price. Here in Delaware, we had severe flooding and massive beach erosion. Many of the waterfront homes in Broadkill lost their boardwalks and deck. Assateague looked like a war zone too.

The ocean destroyed the boardwalk, and the fencing along the top of the dunes.

Waves in Assateague on the 14th looked dooable, but there really was zero wind.

Half the time, they were closing out top to bottom, with extreme violence.

Lots of shell was ashore after these big storms

This is photo of the ORV access ramp, closed till Monday the 16th due to flooding.

I can just envision the angry sea, tide higher thans its been in 10 years, crashing over the dunes

The road that runs down the middle of the park was covered in sand, this is perhaps 150-200 yards from the waters edge.

The bath house had to be dug out.

This is a photo of the soundside at Assateague. The water, at low tide mind you, comes all the way up to the road. Ordinarily there is about 500 yards or so of grass and trees

The Mispillion River overflowed into downtown Milford. Looks like a great venue for the kiters ;) sorry Sam, I coudln't resist

The dunes along Broadkill beach took a big hit. Lots of lumber laying around from the destroyed decks and boardwalks.

Here is a link to a slide show of some of the damage down on the Outter Banks-I can't beleive the danage to the dunes at S Turns.

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