Monday, February 25, 2008

My favorite blogs

Ok, here are a few of my favorite blogs i frequently visit to stay connected to the windsurfing community:
First, the Maui contingent:

Giampalo is mad stoked on the Maui lifestyle. He's always on the water, and hes a great resource for current happenings in the industry, and a strong advocate for maui windsurf/surf community during the current facist and xenophobic attempts to curb our great sport on Maui.

This one is great too. Has links to windcams, real estate, as well as on the water day to day reports:

Kevin Pritchard maintains a great sight too. His an awesome photgraher, as well as incredible sailor. I met Kevin at Hookipa just last week, and told him I check his blog all the time. Very nice and gracious guy. Good luck on the PWA this season Kevin.

Tatiana Howard also keeps a great site. Shes always traveling to some exotic location and its always interesting to peruse her blog.

Here is a great site that is heavily weighted toward Maui, but I believe is based in Southern California. Awesome photography of both Maui and So-Cal.

Here is another Maui blog that is not so much into windsurfing, but interesting none the less:

Tomorrow I'll work on my list of mainland blogs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some more shots and reflections

Yeah, its tough getting back to being in work mode. I constantly rerun in my mind the time i had on the water. Yah, it was epic, we scored big time, wind and waves 5 of out 7 days. Sure 2 of those sailable days the waves where so big that i was unable to get into any sort of rythem, but even those moments are burned so indelibly in my brain. I look back at all the great shots my wife took, and I more than once have asked myself if it really happened. It most certainly did, and I'm a better sailor for it. Cant wait to ride my next wave. Lemme check the Hatteras forecast..........................

Here is a nice wave, a nice set up, and a bad bottom turn.. wish i could do that one over!

Here is a fun wave from sunday feb 11th. sprecks

Peahi-I love this shot.

Blasting back in after a trip out to Lowers at Kanaha

It was rockin out there.

Helmet cam

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My sesh with Anne Marie Reichman

I asked her why she wasn't at Ho'okipa. she told me she was working on her jumps.

Here she is going forward.

Look at that monster at the top of the picture. talk about walls of death! one day, I plan to be competant in surf that size.

right of way? hmmmmm. I bore off

Upwind to suger cove. this is where i cut my foot on some coral.

Here i'm getting some air in front of the friend she came to sprecks with.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday February 14, 2008

Sailed into mast high waves yesterday. Well, ran from them is more accurate, but what a blast. no time for details now, gotta get packin.

lots of big jumps

You can see the big ones at the top of the frame

I went down once on the outside, and it was honestly terrifying, but i cant wait do it again!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sprecks short-below the boom mount

From a functional perspective, i prefer mounting the camera below the boom. Above interferes w/tacking, and also makes water starting a little touhger as I oftern fly the sail by holding the mast above the boom. The view is pretty cool too.

These are from from monday.

Bad bottom turn. Yeah, I got mowed............AND LOVED IT

Some more shots from yesterday

I like this sequence. on of my better waves. The key is getting yourself in position to catch em.

Look at the big one on the outside!

Anne Marie Riechman

Another fun sequence

This ramp got me all "jimmy jacked up"!! so much fun

This was pretty high. look at my landing on the other side.

Coral cut. Had to wear booties after that to contain the bleeding. didn't want to attract things.

Camera mount above the boom

Adjusting my harness lines