Sunday, February 10, 2008

Few more from yesterday

Here is a shot of lower Kanaha. Never seen waves break on lowers before huh! Guess we came at the right time. Rain and no wind for two weeks, and our first day, the entire north shore is hammered by huge surf and nukin wind. forecast is for the same all week!

these are two shots of uppers. well actually, the wave broke all the way from camp one to lower Kanaha, so you cant really call it uppers. just call it freaking epic.

This is a shot from out back porch looking at the West Maui mtns

In this shot, i'm getting worked. if you look close, you can me down, on the breaking surf. took me the longest time to get it back together, the current was pretty stong in the reef, and it killed the apparent wind, making it difficult to water start.

My take after getting worked.

Heres one of Dave Kalama at Hookipa. This was taken at about 8am, before it got big!

Another shot of Lanes

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