Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some more shots and reflections

Yeah, its tough getting back to being in work mode. I constantly rerun in my mind the time i had on the water. Yah, it was epic, we scored big time, wind and waves 5 of out 7 days. Sure 2 of those sailable days the waves where so big that i was unable to get into any sort of rythem, but even those moments are burned so indelibly in my brain. I look back at all the great shots my wife took, and I more than once have asked myself if it really happened. It most certainly did, and I'm a better sailor for it. Cant wait to ride my next wave. Lemme check the Hatteras forecast..........................

Here is a nice wave, a nice set up, and a bad bottom turn.. wish i could do that one over!

Here is a fun wave from sunday feb 11th. sprecks

Peahi-I love this shot.

Blasting back in after a trip out to Lowers at Kanaha

It was rockin out there.

Helmet cam

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