Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I finally got dialed today, and had the best session of all time, surpassing labor at the light house in hatteras. I think i rode a wave with a 10 foot face. I asked a local sailor, and he told me the waves where 2-4 foot, by Hawaiin measurements, meaning from the back of the wave. The wave faces are double that. I rode so many waves today and really learned alot.Just stay high on the wave face, and speed speed speed.
For some of the pictures, we had camera on the wrong setting. sorry about that.

This was a big wave.

I LOVE this shot because it shows that i was starting to get into tighter spots on the wave. Ken, it was epic.

This wave took me down, but didn't pack the punch that one from yesterday did.Yeah, i got worked, and loved it.

here is a jybe on the outside. I started to get into a rythem, sail out just beyond the reef, jybe, then bear upwind and look for a peak.

Here is a pretty high jump that i bailed on. this was my first run out, and i sent this one. you can see me pulling my front foot out of the straps.

I like this picture. I'm setting up to go down the line.

This jump felt awesome. Nice leveled off flight. I hit jumps like this all day!

Here is a small wave.

Heres a bigger one

Waves are supposed to build to 13 foot by wedensday. that means something like 25-30 foot faces. Jaws will be going off.

by the end of the day, my calves where cramping up big time. It was time to call it a day. we took something 400 pictures. Ken, a kodak invite is forthecoming.

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