Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5.3 RRD Super Style

 I still have one team rider sale left that I'm selling. My 2010 5.3 Superstyle.
***price reduced $335 ***

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Super Stoked Saturday opposed to frustrating Friday. A lot of my friends got skunked Friday. Saturday was a different story.
Saturday was the day. On my way down, as i drove through Dewey, sand was blasting across route one. Well I pretty much lost it man. Started screaming and hooting, Blaring ACDC Black Ice. I was soooo amped. It was going off, averaging upper 30s. I was so primed for some nuking condition in the mid afternoon sun. I knew Jake was already there, he reported in earlier, 4.0 conditions. It was all there for the taking. And I was hungry. Well, when I pull into to Tower and jake runs to greet me, I was pretty much still acting the fool, hollering like i'm at a Kid Rock show. He rocks btw. So did this day, check it out:

I started with a 4.0 
but quickly settled in with a Lip Wave 4.7
this one from the 4.0 sesh 

 Ken and Jake
Sam was in good form...
Once he found the right board 

 Stan likes to go retro
Jake was the stand out sailor of the day
He loves his new RRD sails, shown here the wave vogue 4.2
I'm telling you he was a jumpin fool out there! I could hear him hooting and hollering from the parking lot! 
showing some tacking skills too 

and was hooting and hollering all day. Perhaps the fact that he's leaving for Bonnair in 3 weeks had something to do with the smile he had plastered on his face all day. What ever the reason, he was ripping Saturday and was a joy to sail with
I was alternating between a 4.7 and the wave twin 90
and a 4.0 and the 76 Thruster

Ken was precise as always 

working on his sail 360s 
i like this back winded shot
Ken again
in mid season form already, Gonna be big year in many ways

heading out

really windy here 

thanks for the camera work JR.
stoked beyond measure


Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Saturday Forecast

Bring it on:


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures

We are Delaware and Maryland's only full service Pro-shop for Standup Paddle  Boards and Windsurfing gear, rentals, and instruction.

Like our new strore sign? It goes up this week!

We carry some of the top brands in the industry
  • RRD
  • SUP-Love
  • Rogue
  • Coreban
  • Riviera
  • Ron House
  • Bic
  • Oxbow
Accessories as well:
  • Dakine
  • Chinook
  • Mystic
Our grand reopening is March 3rd, and we'll be open on weekends thru mid april.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hatteras Quickie

Here is a recount of my friend Ken Kellar's Hatteras trip this past weekend:

Friday SUP sailing at ramp 34 , shoulder high sets and lots of dolphins

Saturday SUP surfing at Ramp 34, shoulder to head high sets but close outs, fun but short rides, later Sup sailing at lifeguard beach in light on shore breeze and plenty more dolphins. Cut it short as the sets were pretty beefy and the wind pretty light. Worried about trashing everything like a year ago. Drove to south side and saw a whale and more dolphins. Sup surfed the small beach break in side off breeze. Smallest waves of the trip but probably the funnest due to length/quality of the rides.

Sunday gray and rainy, stayed home even thought the wind came up strong.

Monday the rain stopped and the wind continued to rock. Launched 3.8 at the hole mid-morning and was joined shortly by Andy and Lopi.

Photo credit: Andy McKinney
Super fun session as it got sunnier and warmer. Went bare handed but the other two had mittens. Really fun sailing among those two and all their freestyle tricks.

Fully powered the entire session of several hours.

Dropped my JP at Fox for Donnie to fix.

BTW, I bought a beach pass. It sucks to pay after so many years of free but hopefully it will keep the crowds down and make my beach experiences that much better.