Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hatteras Quickie

Here is a recount of my friend Ken Kellar's Hatteras trip this past weekend:

Friday SUP sailing at ramp 34 , shoulder high sets and lots of dolphins

Saturday SUP surfing at Ramp 34, shoulder to head high sets but close outs, fun but short rides, later Sup sailing at lifeguard beach in light on shore breeze and plenty more dolphins. Cut it short as the sets were pretty beefy and the wind pretty light. Worried about trashing everything like a year ago. Drove to south side and saw a whale and more dolphins. Sup surfed the small beach break in side off breeze. Smallest waves of the trip but probably the funnest due to length/quality of the rides.

Sunday gray and rainy, stayed home even thought the wind came up strong.

Monday the rain stopped and the wind continued to rock. Launched 3.8 at the hole mid-morning and was joined shortly by Andy and Lopi.

Photo credit: Andy McKinney
Super fun session as it got sunnier and warmer. Went bare handed but the other two had mittens. Really fun sailing among those two and all their freestyle tricks.

Fully powered the entire session of several hours.

Dropped my JP at Fox for Donnie to fix.

BTW, I bought a beach pass. It sucks to pay after so many years of free but hopefully it will keep the crowds down and make my beach experiences that much better.

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