Monday, February 20, 2012

Warm Ocean Temps In February

Fun fun fun sesh Sunday at Assateague. Started on the Wassup 10,
then the wind filled in to Lit 5.7 conditions on the 101. Ahhhh so much fun and the ocean water was quite warm. Yeah it was classic NNE onshore  conditions after filling in, and it got a bit sloppy , but the wind was solid and i was stoked . Hey, when you score a decent ocean sesh in February you gotta be grateful, and I am.
Torward the end of the sesh, the precip finally moved in, and it started to sleet. Can't say I've ever sailed the ocean in sleet. Was pretty cool.
JR-good work out there today . Way to charge it .
I think we've turned the corner to spring.

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