Monday, January 13, 2014

Florida 2014

Janis and I have been down in South Florida this winter, been here since the first week of January, and we will be here till the end of Feb. Gotta say we've not been missing the weather the northeast has been getting, and it seems we choose a great time to spend the winter down here.
One of the first places we paddled was in the Everglades, which has always been a bucket list item for me. I paddled there last year, but this time we scored LOTS of gators.
We saw tons of them, but kept what we'd hoped was a reasonable distance away.
I was riding a speedy fanatic for a fast get away as I recon'd the area hehehe
Janis kept it mostly on her knees ;)

Iguana's in Key Biscayne
The days all kinda of start to blend together, and we just sort of go with the flow.
Sometime in Mid January we went up to West Palm Beach to hook up with my Friend Ryan Getchis
 Janis posing

I've got a really cool new toy, the Watershot waterproof housing for the Iphone. Takes really cool pics, and I plan to use it while windsurfing too

We're gonna carry them in the shop this year
Stay tuned for more from sunny south Florida