Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Need Surfing Lessons Drew

On Saturday, Janis and I spent the day in Assateague.

Nice swell rolling in, and I tried my best to catch a few waves.

No clue!

I definately need that Lesson Drew. I may be down next weekend, so if the wind doesn't cooperate, I'll be looking for that lesson!

My typcial ride is to paddle like my life depended on it, only to scoot down the wave face, pearl, and thats all she wrote.


Janis even went out to try an catch a wave!

The Bullpen is where the overnite campers must huddle. Its quite the scene. Lots of good karma. Assateague has approx 16 miles of beach, but only 4 miles are open on account of new Plover nests. The remainder should open by late August.

exploring the dunes

I was able to ride a few, but mostly i blast straight down the face toward the beach. I need to learn to kick the board downwind, err, down the line.

A bermuda high appears to be setting up, so Janis and I are eyeing an OBX trip next weekend. Time to hit it up with my Hatteras friends with another jammer sesh. Can't wait....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Belated Fathers' Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there

Fathers day late afternoon session at Queen Anne Marina on the Chesapeake

I know it was cranking on the coast. Even Dave came out of the closet to sail. Reports on Monday had the wind anywhere from 4.5 up in Lewes, to 5.0 down in Dewey.

I must admit I thought that after the most excellent wave sailing in Assateague on Thursday, I'd be able to take the day off without too much obsessing. Still wasn't easy, especially after Coyle called, purportedly from a windy beach.

Never the less, I did get out on the Chesapeake, but in much lighter conditions than I would have hoped for.

5.8 and the floaty board

It was mostly transition practice and callus buildup, but still fun!

Pack it up Jack it up!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assateague Was Firing!

Photos by Kristin Markopoulos and Dave Hartman. Thanks for the great shots!

Today Niko and I scored some great wavesailing in Assateague. Powered 5.0 conditions with unsually little current. Surf was chest to head high, with a few bigger boys to play on! We had a blast! My daughter Kristin and here friend Porchsa where again along for the adventure. They loved driving out onto the beach!

Shot of the day-Niko takes flight, with style

Show time

Plenty of carnage today, mostly my own!

The amazing thing is that everywhere else, it was pouring rain, even lightening up in Milford. All of Maryland was socked in too. But Assateague stayed dry all day. The sun even came out.

There is an air show up in Dover tomorrow

The water was warm and the girls had fun, although they got a bit to comfortable in that shorebreak for my liking.

Crowded spot huh!

Fabulous conditions!

Niko was ripping

Formidable shore break today. Fortunately the current was not much of a factor

Niko making good work of it

I find the overhead carry method most effective in heavy shorebreak. Just walk your stuff out and toss it over the shorepound.

I like this one

And this one isn't bad either!

I feel blessed!

Thanks for catching this moment Dave!

After the sailing, i took the girls exploring soundside

Great day of sailing the Delmarva. Assateague, my favorite wavesailing spot north of Hatteras.