Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Broadkill Beach

Well boys, June has been pretty dismal, but if it ended today, my consecutive month streak would go on. I can now say I got my june session on the books. Fun day at Boradkill beach. Kristin and her friend Porscha tagged along. Schools out for the summer! Wohoo!!

We pulled up and found reasonably good 5.8 conditions.

It wasn't anything epic, but its was still great to get out with a sail in my hands again for the first time in a few weeks. When that first puff of wind grabbed me and I slipped my feet into the straps, ahhh it felt sooooo good.

Plenty of tacking practice today.

For the regular visitors to my blog, I now have a twitter feed on the blog. See the upper right margin for the RSS feed. Using my blackberry, I can post real time updates on the conditions of the selected venue for the day. I’ll update as conditions dictate.

Speaking on the venue of the day, the Assateague forecast tomorrow rocks! We’re talking seas 5-6 feet at 9 seconds. Wind in the lo to mid 20s, lo tide is around 10 am. Finally! Niko, I'll see you there. Andy call me if you can make it down.

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Outdrsmn said...

Glad to see you got out. The last 2 days on this side of the bay. The wind has been blowing "Hatteras steady" from the SE at around 20. Couldn't ask for better sailing this time of year.