Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Need Surfing Lessons Drew

On Saturday, Janis and I spent the day in Assateague.

Nice swell rolling in, and I tried my best to catch a few waves.

No clue!

I definately need that Lesson Drew. I may be down next weekend, so if the wind doesn't cooperate, I'll be looking for that lesson!

My typcial ride is to paddle like my life depended on it, only to scoot down the wave face, pearl, and thats all she wrote.


Janis even went out to try an catch a wave!

The Bullpen is where the overnite campers must huddle. Its quite the scene. Lots of good karma. Assateague has approx 16 miles of beach, but only 4 miles are open on account of new Plover nests. The remainder should open by late August.

exploring the dunes

I was able to ride a few, but mostly i blast straight down the face toward the beach. I need to learn to kick the board downwind, err, down the line.

A bermuda high appears to be setting up, so Janis and I are eyeing an OBX trip next weekend. Time to hit it up with my Hatteras friends with another jammer sesh. Can't wait....


Drew said...

Hey George - looks like you're doing pretty well actually! Hey you're standing up that's the toughest hurdle to get over! Looks like we just need to get you into the wave a little earlier and teach you how to turn and get you driving down the line. - Keep it up for now!

Lano said...

I agree with drew, you look like you have that sussed! Nice one! we had three days at the end of our trip last week George where we all hired boards and hit 1000 peaks, we all got up within the first half hour, 5 out of the 6 of us had never surfed before, so a good result, Phoebe cuaght more waves than all of us!!!!!!!!!
Already planning next years trip George and Janis, you in? Staying in a big house in Kuau, sleeps 10, need three more couples! come on, I know you are keen!!!!!!!