Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Goes Out Like A Lion in Assateague!!

All Photography by my awesome and supportive wife: Janis Markopoulos

Ken and I scored a really fun day at Assateague. And it was the maiden session for the new Truck! Downwinders and wave rides- Stoked!!

The maiden voyage with the new truck was a complete success. With the big ole 20 inch tires, I didn’t even need to let any air out. We drove down about 2-3 miles looking for a nice sandbar/wind combination, and rigged up. And several sessions, we just sail did down winders with no regard for the walk back. The most awesome wife just hauled the truck on down wind, we put the boards in the back, and the layed both sails across the back while I sat back there with em, and we moseyed on back south! Awesome stuff.

This may not look like much, but the shorebreak was mean today.

Ken headin out

Ken caught the best jumps!

Me again

The water color today was really purty, and the temps where pretty warm too. I think the gulf stream maybe coming in close, and i seriously think we'll be outta booties here in a week or two.

Another nice sequence

I struggled with the shore break today, paid some dues too. I pretty much got mauled.
Its been a while since I broke something...its kinda fun actually. Dang, you know I need a new extension now right??

fortunately it was only the carbon extension

The bruise on my thigh is pretty solid too.

Ken again

Ken Jumpin for joy!

So many sweet rides today. I had a few 2-3 turn waves. It started off with some easily head high. However as we approached lo-tide, they actually got a little smaller which was sorta surprising. But no worries, we had an absolute blast!
This is a great sequence.

I was thinkin that this day was so much fun that I'd be able to get thru this WORK week with no sailing.

But I want to get back out there NOW!

Gybin outside the break

We're digging our truck.

Sand in the new truck...had to happen

Lovin life in Deleware. No Savage(s)

I think the crew down in Hatteras scored big time as well. We watched the readings up into the upper 20s, so check Andy blog here, and Bill’s blog here for the rundown for that action.

The HATTERAS WAVE JAM is fast approaching kids! Sign up here