Friday, May 29, 2009

East Coast Wavesailing...Hatteras Style

Keith McCulloch takes my kit out for a spin.....literally!

Bill Bell back loop on the outer bar

The conveyor belt

My favorite shot of the trip. Andy Mckinney floating above the soup

Olaf Podehl

Long harness lines

Ahhhhh the OBX lifestyle....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gold Medals, Deep Creek Lake, and The Lump

First of all, a HUGE congratulations to the Sonics! My daughters volley ball team won the gold medal at the east coast championships held at Penn State. They are one of the top ranked 12 yr old teams in the country! Amazing!!

On Saturday, Janis and I went up into western Maryland Garret County near Deep Creek Lake for a memorial service. Our late friend Pat Mullaly wanted his ashes spread in a place that he loved to come to. I think he was on to something..

We are so frequently headed to the coast, that its a real eye opener when we go west. I used to love spending time in the mountains. Indeed lived in Stowe, Vermont during my ski-bum period back in the '80s.

Yah, I love my wife

Elevation here is about 2000 feet.

Maryland is such a diverse state

Along the way we stopped at Fort Frederick. Pretty cool place
Cumberland, Maryland

The best barbeque we ever had!

This is their driveway, which had to have been 3 miles long

And this is their house, and the view spans three states: Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvannia

We gathered to celebrate Pat's life

Bart took us off road to see what they call "Flying Rock"

Its called flying rock cuz if you slip, you're gonna be flying.......

Had to have been 200 feet straight down

We miss you Pat.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day At Tower Road

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Thank you to all who serve, past and present.

Everyone was at Tower Road Sunday to enjoy wind that was up and down, but fun (although the venue cames with LOTS of strings attached)

I don't have an on the ground report from Assateague, but I checked iwindsurf throughout the day, and the wind was in the 19-22 range all day.......

Andy blasting with his 7.5

Bob Rammsey

Andy again

Nice gybe!

Andy's tips last summer got me over the hump on my Heli-tacks

The trick for me was to to keep the sail more vertical thru the beginning of the move

At this point, I don't have any trouble laying it down this far if i have enough wind in the sail.

I'm sailing away from better than 75% now

Its fun to backwind the sail

Andy Pierce

The Dewey Crew

A few jumps where had too

Time to pack it up