Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hatteras is Firing!

It was rocking today in Hattteras.

Here is the iwindsurf graph for Avon.

4.0 conditions..... all day.

EPIC conditions.

I'm certain the ocean sailing was absolutely fabulous.

I'm certain it was looplicious

I wasn't in Hatteras.

Here is the iwindsurf graph for the beach I was at in Deleware.

Pathetic. I had business to attend to today that prevented me from a weekend trip to sail with the Hatteras crew.

I've usually say any day of sailing is a great day of sailing...

....but today was tough.

oh, and its gonna be windy again tomorrow. Be sure to check Lost In Hatteras for the full report on what I'm certatin will be the best weeked of sailing so far this year.


Lano said...

Ah, thats too bad George.....maybe next week? Just our of interest, how far would it be for you to drive to Hatteras?

Also, it amazes me that you dont have many crew to sail with? Usually only see you out with one or two others, are there no windsurfers in the Washington / Delaware area?

Just be happy in the knowledge that you are about to experience summer, meaning sea breezes, longer days, warm water and air...cold beers after a sail beat a hot chocolate any day!

And you are so right with your mantra, 'any days sailing is a good days sailing'


George Markopoulos said...

Dave, hatteras is 300 miles.
There are windsurfers up here, but its mostly kiters.
Are your bags packed yet for Maui?

Outdrsmn said...

Your right It was firing. I made it to Rodanthe and sailed the sound. It could have been loopilicious if I could throw one. I'm still working on getting air off the ramps, got lots of practice today.
Ocean looked pretty flat up on that end, might have been better down at Ego.