Friday, May 29, 2009

East Coast Wavesailing...Hatteras Style

Keith McCulloch takes my kit out for a spin.....literally!

Bill Bell back loop on the outer bar

The conveyor belt

My favorite shot of the trip. Andy Mckinney floating above the soup

Olaf Podehl

Long harness lines

Ahhhhh the OBX lifestyle....


Bill said...

Definitely a great time! Glad you and Janis made it down and scored that weekend!!

I was back at Rmp 27 last night for a sunset sesh. Similar wind to what we had for the Jam sesh, but the surf was much smaller. Ahhh, I miss that surf, it was fun when you were on one of those bigger nuggets!

Andy said...

Good stuff... I'm stoked about that aerial (out-the-back-ial) shot, too! You should be amped on Lane's shot of you, too!

Thanks for the great images, Janice!

Drew said...

Wow G I hadn't looked at this post until now - there are some great shots in there! Keith's Loop is nice and Andy's off the lip air is a sick shot as well!

tormod said...

looks really nice, lucky you. And allready warm enough to go out with short arms and even only surf shorts
and rashguard.