Monday, May 11, 2009

The Secret Spot

Shot of the day

Janis and I enjoyed a beautiful sunny an windy mothers day at the Secret Spot, which was firing! She nestled herself into an nice little niche in the dunes, and scored herself a great 6 hours in the sun from 11 to 5. I scored myself a lit day on my 5.0 and 91 ltr. I launched just after hi tide, and got to experience the full range of conditions this magical spot has to offer. The wind was a tad off shore however, and that translated into quite a few walks back up in the beach into a 25 knot headwind. But I hit plenty of floaty port jumps, my jumpin’ side!

Great photograph

I like this one

Cape May Ferry

Tacking on the outside

The Sandbar was breaking nicely today

Well, I went into this weekend needing to get some significant time on the water to shake the rust off. Mission accomplished. I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for the Hatteras Loop Off this weekend. Janis and I are heading down early Friday morning. Heres to hoping Hatteras serves up another solid weekend of sailing. Looking forward……

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Lano said...

I loved the first two photos george, Janis is a great photographer!

4 weeks today and we will be rocking up to Kanaha