Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day At Tower Road

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Thank you to all who serve, past and present.

Everyone was at Tower Road Sunday to enjoy wind that was up and down, but fun (although the venue cames with LOTS of strings attached)

I don't have an on the ground report from Assateague, but I checked iwindsurf throughout the day, and the wind was in the 19-22 range all day.......

Andy blasting with his 7.5

Bob Rammsey

Andy again

Nice gybe!

Andy's tips last summer got me over the hump on my Heli-tacks

The trick for me was to to keep the sail more vertical thru the beginning of the move

At this point, I don't have any trouble laying it down this far if i have enough wind in the sail.

I'm sailing away from better than 75% now

Its fun to backwind the sail

Andy Pierce

The Dewey Crew

A few jumps where had too

Time to pack it up

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Ken K said...

Nice sequence of heli-photos. We need too push it harder to catch up to Anne!