Monday, May 18, 2009

Hatteras Delivers The Goods!!

All photography by my awesome wife Janis Markopoulos

Wow, just an amazing trip to the OBX this past weekend. Here are some of the shots I know ya'll wanna see.(note, the really really good photos are being held in secret for potential magazine publication. These are the red headed step child rejects)

The loop off was scheduled for Saturday at Old Life Guard Beach. Janis and I drove out onto the beach around 12pm for a reconnaissance mission. I called Bill with the report: wall to wall fisherman put the kybosh on lifeguard as a viable venue for the event. So we trucked out onto Ego Beach, and ultimately Ramp 27. When I pulled out onto the beach, we found several trucks stuck in the sand, so I promptly let the air out of my tires for the first time. And we cruised on down to about a half mile north of Ego. Massive shore break, but what seemed to be to be nice breaking wave on the outer bar
Launching at Ego

Headin out north of Ego

The scene at ramp 27

catchin some air

Andy on the outer bar


Bill taking off

Andy headin up

Note-i had what was probably the biggest denial ever saturday. A huge overhead barrel walled up just off the beach. I shove my stuff up the face and away as i dove into the barreling lip. It was epic, and i'm shocked my stuff wasn't destroyed. Unfortunately, Janis missed that shot in an "oh sh$t" my husband is gonna die moment!
This is just after eating crow

I can kook with the best of em


I had a pretty magical moment out there on the water.
Back home, ken and I never have more than just the two of us out at Assateague, and the conditions are rarely as good as Hatteras. So I’m out there blasting back in to the beach, looking at the swell in front of me wall up, spray coming off the tops, the beautiful blue warm water with great texture from the wind. The sailor in front of me becomes less and less visible as the wave jacks up on the sandbar. First I can see the sailor, then if he’s a good sailor the hatteras crew, the sail completely disappears as he bottoms turns in front of that wave, only to reappears as his cut back sends even more spray off the top then the side off wind is blowing. Yup, it was absolutely fabulous.

I still need to learn how catch the better waves

Front row seat! Andy has this sequence up on his blog

To share these conditions with so many great sailors, well, it became spiritual for me. And I seriously need more of the same. I absolutely love sailing with those guys, some of the absolute best sailors on the east coast that’s for sure.
My last wave of the day was a fun one!

Barbeque time!

Slide show on the beach!

Check back for more shots later...Looking forward.....


Andy said...

Sweet shots George! That was a fun day out there. I too love watching someone's rig disappear in front of the wave and then moments later buckets of spray come flying out the back... Sometimes you even get a rainbow! Great sailing with ya!

Ken K said...

Nothing kooky about mixing it up in the surf! Looks fun! Is that a photo of carnage? The one of the red-white-and-blue gear in the whitewater?

Kristin said...

Hey dady great job!!!!!! I'm sooo bored hahah i reele didnt need to right that so yeah great job again!!!!!

George Markopoulos said...

Andy, you're sailing has really gone to another level, and you were a rock star last year.

Hi Kristin! I love you too babe :)

Ken, no carnage that I was aware of. I think its Andreas just going for a ride!

Andres said...

Hi Janice & George,

Great pictures, nice meeting you on Saturday, and sailing with you.