Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amityville Horror at Assateague

Ken Kellar and I enjoyed some fun wavesailing today in Assateague. Side off decoupling wind made it a ton of work just to get into position to ride a wave. But fun rides where had by both of us, although there where no loops, not even any jumps. Heck, the only time we where in the straps was when on a wave. Well thats not entirely true, we got onto a plane a few times..

A big thank you to my wife Janis Markopoulos for braving the brutal conditions (read below) on the beach today and to take these great shots.

Ken got all the good shots today… Here is a nice sequence.

We launched at low tide so there was minimal shorebreak

Side off conditions, and it was tricky getting out.

Ken was dialed. He caught the best rides.

Last weekend in Hatteras really gave him a tune up.

Ken sizes up a nice one!

I hadn’t been in straps since Easter, so I was fairly green today, and it showed.

Ken's 4wheel drive gave out today, so I gave him a tow back to the paved lot....

Then we tossed his stuff in the back of my truck and we went off in search of a nice sandbar..

and found one!

Oh, you've noticed the dubious title this post?! The side off conditions blew lots off flys and Mosquitoes onto the beach. It was brutal. Reppellant didn't even faze these guys
Reminded us of the Amytville Horror!

I'm telling you there were a couple hundred flys on the leeward side of my truck,

Some of the bigger sets had some size, but they where soft and crumbly, and not much kick to em.

But even when you went down in the impact zone, it was relatively dues free

I never uphauled so much in the ocean as I did today…there just wasn’t enough wind to waterstart. Here is one of the better shots of Ken uphauling up the face a wave!

There just was zero wind on the inside, and if you went down, you either uphauled, or washed back into the beach. A good workout thats for sure!

I know Hatteras was firing today. Hey, you guys are spoiled. But this is one sailor who is praying the spoils last for at least one more weekend!

Heck, I'm sure Tower Road was at least 5.0 today. But hey. a day of slogging WITH waves beats baffing at the baby pool any day..

It would have been better if the forecast came to fruition today, and we could have floated some big jumps, but it wasn't to be. Still, by 6pm when we unrigged, it was mission accomplished, and I’m glad my first day back in the ocean in 4 weeks was today, rather than next weekend during the Jammer Loop Off next weekend! I'm headed to Hatteras in 5 days!!

Bring it on!

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Ken K said...

Thanks for the tow George. Your truck rocked! I hope all the fly bights are healing. Thanks to Janis for toughing it out and catching those great shots. Too bad that dolphin that popped up right behind you didn't resurface for an awesome nature shot.