Saturday, May 16, 2009

Living Large On Hatteras

fun sesh this morninh at the hole this morning, now we're driving back to Delaware, Here a few pics, more later.

Amazing day of sailing that began at Ego Beach and MASSIVE shorebreak, One huge denial.

Then a change of venue found us at Ramp 27. Sideoff, with the outer bar breaking. Most everyone on 5.3s. Waves had size, many well over head.big faces on the outside, with the inside reform often sucking barrels with a pitching lip.
It was Olaf, Andy, Bill, Keith, and Andreas, and myself having the whole place to ourselves.

We sailed till almost 7pm.but the we stayed on the beach under the stars till almost 10pm grilling dogs and burgers, along with a slide show on the back of my truck of all the excellent pics.Let me tell you the apres sailing was just as good as the action on the water! Watching a lside show with the ocean crashing 20 feet away really set the mood. The only thing missing was a bonfire!

Janis took over 700 pics, but I've been sworn to hold them in secret for possible magazine publication.I'll do my best to put a few up tomorrow.

Big wind in store tomorrow.supposed to clock around to the north. I believe Gale warnings have been posted.


Ken K said...

Looks like all you bloggers are too busy sailing and having fun on the beach to post much. It should make for good mid-week viewing and reading. Not coming down was an easy decision for me: major back injury on Thursday from baseball of all things! and then Friday night I got some major viral stomach thing which still has me knocked down. I learned that having an injured back takes all the fun out of vomiting! Looking forward to your posts.

Kristin said...


PeconicPuffin said...

Sounds like a tremendous day...glad you caught it!