Monday, March 9, 2009

Kent Morr Restaurant Closed! (To Windsurfing)

All photography: Janis Markopoulos

So I wasn't expecting wind today. I dunno, it just never possessed me to check the forecast. So imagine my surprise this afternoon when I got the wind alert. Uppper 20's on the coast and mid 20s on the Chesapeake. The wind chimes on my porch were tough to ingnore, and we hit the road about 1:30 p.m. My targeted venue was on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay, at a spot called Kent Moore Harbor.

Historically, this has been a rather dubious spot on account of the on again, off again position of management towards windsurfing/beach access. When I pulled in, the wind was crankin maybe 5.0. So I put the suit on, carry the board to the water, and make the final trip back to the beach with the rig, and only then did they approach me to let me know that watersports were no longer allowed. They cited liability issues. Understandable, but dissapointing that a few have cost the majority this venue. Sad also for the restaurant patrons to no longer have the enjoyment of watching us shred!

Fortunately, there is another venue close by that welcomes watersports! Queen Anne Marina. Beautiful beach, grassy rigging area, and fantastic water conditions that were ideal for todays WNW winds.

I chatted with the Marina Manager, Mr. Patrick Tracy. Such a great guy! Striking constrast to the treatment at Kent Moore, and this despite that piece I wrote in the NEWJ a few years ago, promoting the restaurant, and requesting that all sailors tread lightly here.

Mr Tracy expressed an interest in possibly hosting some slalom races, or even and organized regatta. Wow, great idea, one that I would fully support! Any BABA guys/gals out there who could take the lead on making that happen?

So I was stoked with the green light to sail Queen Anne, and it is a venue I will covet. Readers of this blog, please be respectful of the marina patrons, respectful of the property. Do not access the beach after hours, and above all: sail safely and smart. Access is a huge privilige and NOT A RIGHT.

Rigging up a 5.8

headin out

In contrast to the Deleware bay, the period swell on the Chesapeake is alot longer, and that translates into huge rolling swell, with vast troughs in between. Sure you get that insane chop on the inside, with brutal backwash and currents in side the jetties.

But once on the outside, the water character is truely heavenly! :)
Deleware Bay can be equally as epic on a NW, but the troughs in between aren't as broad.

Fun rollers on the outside.

Tacking again on the outside to maintain position. The wind on the inside was flukey and holey on account of the boat docks, jetties, and board walks. So you should stay on the outside.

Janis doesn't miss many shots, but she snapped this one just a hair late and missed a pretty sweet jump. Still, a cool shot! Splashdown!

This shot reminds me of those barge shots out at the gorge. Still, not as close as it appears.

Tacking again outside the jettie

Late in the evening, I tried for a final sesh on the RRD, but it had dropped. Still, beautiful light around 5pm.

I checked in with James Roe tonight. He sailed Lewes, but only managed 5.7 conditions. I was surprised at that report. I expected >5.0 conditions.

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Matt said...

George, I read your March 9 blog re Kentmorr and it confirms what I already know. That is why it is not on my website
I visited there a few months ago, talked to the owner, and he told me windsurfers are permitted under the condition that they buy all beverages from him and that you are not allowed to bring your own beverage. I tried to explain to him that that is impractical as one gets very thirsty windsurfing and you drink a lot and one can not come in every time they need another 8 ounces. I suggested just paying a fee, like $10. He said "these are may rules, and if you do not like them, go somewhere else".

It is kind of like, "yes, I'll permit you to do it, but I require something outrageous in return". I got the message. As badly as I wanted to list his launch, I backed down.

Many years ago, there was a marina there that permitted windsurfers. Not anymore. My advice, just stay away from that place.