Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to Hawaii

Here is some video i took at Hookipa around 5pm today. epic stuff, but the wind was too offshore, and the waves where closing out. Guess thats why everyone was at Kanaha.

Heres a Makani's take on the conditions

Everyone was at Kanaha, and it was serious business, well over mast high surf. Tried to ride some waves, but it was survival out there. Hit some nice jumps on the way out, and actually made it out to the blue water, althought it wasn't easy. went down in the middle off the reef and got worked. big white water, but never lost grip of my kit.

Wore the helmet cam, but the video sucks. camera was pointed high. I'll try to improve tomorrow.

Dave, i saw the weird wave. comes at you from left to right. bizarre.

I've never sailed condezions like this before. Ken, let me tell, it made Assateague look like a walk in the park. one of my all time best sessions.
Met Kauli Seadi, current world wave champion. he parked right next to me at Kanaha.

Also met Dave Kalama, who was doing SUP at Hookipa in the early morning. Also saw Kevin Pritchard at Kanaha-told him i enjoy his blog:

At the end of the day, we drive over to Suger cove, Ken, we lit the fireworks there last year. We pull of on the side of the road, and Robby Naish walks across the street. We chatted a bit. He was lit up on a 4.7. rockin conditions. Surf is supposed to get even bigger thru teusday. Oh, rode a Naish Global wave today, 87 ltr. started on a 5.2 but quickly rigged down to 4.7. wish i brought my own stuff. took the longest time to get dialed. stopped at HST on the way home to switch to a JP fsw 84 ltr.

This place is magical.


Ken said...

Looks awesome. I'm waiting for that photo of you on a big wave face!

Ken said...

Your posts (and my comments)are showing up in California time. You can change it to whatever. What's the time difference in winter between Maui and the east coast?