Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Was crankin!

My daughter Kristin Markopoulos was behind the Nikon 300mm today. She has a talent for photography

This fall has just been amazing: 5.0 or better conditions every weekend. I sailed the Lewes main beach today, juiced 4.5-5.0 conditions. I first pulled into the Secret Spot to touch base with Dave. He’d just blown out his 4.5, so I knew it was firing.
But when I pulled into the main beach, it looked a little light so I rigged my 5.0. That proved to be just right. I was lit!

Told ya’ll I was getting good at these high altitude ejections. So much fun, and they always prove to be a spectacular photo, and I was stoked to see that Kristin had caught the shot! I had to swim quite a long ways for my gear this time.

Look at that sky!

The sand bar was working too, and with a good bit of west in it today, you could actually go down the line occasionally.

Love this shot.

WNW is a port jumpers dream at Lewes

Really nice sequence of a duck gybe

Gybing on the outside

Man, it was epic to have been in positions today to throw down moves that resulted in a broken board was awesome. I'm still buzzing, no doubt will find it difficult to sleep..

Time to retire her with honor. She's lived a full life, traveled the world, even made the pilgramage to Maui several times. Time to put her our to pasture.

More on tap for tomorrow, and sunday Assateague should set up nicely.

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ralph said...

great stuff man. you and keith could probably mass a pretty good pile of busted equipment!